Skystone Capital | About Us
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About Us

Who We Are

Skystone Capital is a financial institution operating under the Central Bank of Nigeria license, led by individuals with over 100 Years of Banking experience under their belt to support retail and SMEs businesses.

What We Offer

Make smarter, more informed decisions with the insights and expertise provided by Skystone Capital’s skilled and experienced Financial Advisory Services team. Whether working directly with business leaders or in tandem with you as financial advisor, the information we provide increases your organization’s capacity, capabilities and credibility.

Corporate Finance

Whether it’s assistance in selling your company, financing to fund your growth strategy, due diligence on an impending transaction or other merger and acquisition activity — you require innovative and effective corporate finance solutions tailored to your specific needs.

Corporate Restructuring

If a business is dealing with more debt than it can manage or if a creditor requires assistance in protecting its position, professional restructuring assistance may be required. When a business falters, understanding the alternatives and choosing the best course of action can be a challenge. Should it be restructuring? Receivership? Liquidation? At Skystone Capital, our Corporate Recovery and Restructuring team assists executives and business owners in building effective strategies to meet the needs of all stakeholders.

Valuation, Forensics & Business Support

We offer three interconnected but distinctive areas of service to help you make business decisions with confidence.

Business valuations provided by our Experienced Finance Professionals are essential for assessing the true value of a business, whether you are buying or selling, building a succession plan or dealing with a legal dispute.

An accurate business valuation is especially important when undertaking a merger, acquisition or divestiture transaction, to ensure you maximize the value of your deal and obtain the best price possible. Our Forensic and Investigative services team is committed to mitigating, identifying and resolving occurrences of fraud within your organization, protecting both your reputation and assets.

Finally, we offer Business Support services for a range of financial disputes available through our financial partner contacts. Our valuators, economists, statisticians, computer forensic specialists and forensic accountant partners also deliver the support you need throughout any transaction, gathering data and providing expert advice that withstands even the highest scrutiny.

Our Business Model

To intervene within the SME and personal finance space in Nigeria, We will seek out and mentor and fund SMEs and continuously hand hold till maturity of business.

Our Vision

Dominate and own the SME banking space, progressively transform into a commercial bank by 2025.

Our Mission

Provide superior options. Provide creative solutions. Deliver exceptional services.

Get a loan of up to N4,000,000 within 24 hours